Automated data cleansing
for Russian postal addresses,
phones and customer names fixes Russian data quality problems
automatically for $1.7 per 1000 records.

Upload Excel or CSV file with your data
and receive cleansed file in seconds,
or use simple API to integrate data quality
into your pipeline.

7 500 websites

use cloud services

1,8 billion

API requests

75 million records

cleansed in files

Cleansing fixes data quality problems and enriches customer profile

Fixes typos and missing gender in customer names;

Provides grammatical cases for names;

Normalizes addresses according to Russian Federal Address System, determines city district, tax office, geolocation and flat area.

Normalizes phones, actualizes DEF codes, identifies country region and timezone;

Validates emails for newsletters and campaigns;

Checks for invalid passports;

Cleanses car brand and model.

Contact us to start cleansing
or sign up directly if you can read Russian

How it works

Upload Excel or CSV file with customer data.

DaData cleanses first 100 records and shows a preview:

Zoom in RU

Check that you are OK with resulting quality and confirm processing.

DaData cleanses the whole file, fixes data quality problems and provides the link to resulting file.

Example:  Cleansed.xlsx  RU

Reliable and secure

We store data for one day, then delete it automatically. Never transfer to third parties. Stated in Public Offer RU
11 years we fix data quality problems for major Russian banks
and insurance companies. Going to live forever :)
Monthly availability 99.5% and higher.
Every month we fix bugs, update references and improve algorithms.

$0.8–$1.7 per 1000 records, volume discounts

free up to 100 records


Contact us to cleanse your data

or sign up and start cleansing if you can read Russian

First 100 records are always free, so that you can check if cleansing quality is OK.

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